Become a supplier of T3NDER

We have a large network of trusted suppliers here at T3NDER but as demand increases and the technology evolves we will look to grow our network. It does not matter if you have a single machine running a single material or a factory with a large range of the latest materials; if you can supply top quality 3D printed parts with a professional approach to business, then we are keen to work with you.

T3NDER puts a lot of time and effort into traditional and online marketing to encourage designers to upload their models to us. This approach gives us access to a large quantity of 3D printing enquiries. If any of these enquiries match with your materials and lead-times offered then we will forward the relevant (and only the relevant) ones to you. You can quote for every job or just quote when you have free resource and want to maximise capacity, its up to you.

Why should you register with T3NDER?

  • Increase Sales – We can drive sales to your business without the need for you to spend on marketing.
  • Save Time – We manually¬†check every model that is uploaded to ensure it is suitable for 3D printing.
  • Increase Customer Base – We can help customers who are new to 3D printing by doing the CAD modelling for them.
  • Its Flexible – You only quote for the work you want.

If you would like to become a registered supplier and open your business up to a new marketplace for 3D printed models then please contact us on the email address below: