Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions we get asked a lot:

What is T3NDER?

T3NDER is a quote aggregator for 3D printed parts. We offer a one-stop-shop so that you don’t have to contact many different suppliers. Simply upload your STL file and we will find the best possible price and lead-time for your order. We also offer a CAD modelling service if you have an idea for a 3D printed part but not the skills to create the STL file required to manufacture it.

Where does T3NDER operate?

T3NDER is based in the UK but we can deliver 3D printed parts all over the world. We will endeavour to find a trusted supplier close to your location in order to take advantage of lower shipping costs.

What can I print?

You are basically limited by your imagination, CAD skills and an overall size of 300x300x250. If you can model it in CAD it can probably be built using 3D printing technology (if you can’t model it, maybe we can). A list of available materials is shown here.

How long does the T3NDER process take?

If your STL model is ready to print, we aim to get a quote back to you within 48hours. Delivery time from confirmation of the order is usually less than two weeks but can be as little as 5 working days for small urgent batches.

Who uses T3NDER?

We have a hugely varied customer base. From individuals who need a replacement part that is no longer manufactured to multi-national companies who need prototype parts quickly. The market for 3D printed parts is growing rapidly with artists, architects, education facilities, RC enthusiasts, motorsport teams, aviation companies and amateur hobbyists all pushing the limits of the latest technology.

How do I pay for my models?

You will be required to pay for your 3D printed models at the point at which you accept the quote and proceed with your order. At present we can only accept payment via paypal but we are working on a card payment system.

How do I register as a supplier?

We are always open to new suppliers here at T3NDER, especially if you can offer new processes or materials. If you have a professional approach and can offer good quality 3D printed parts then you can become a supplier regardless of the size of your business. See our supplier page for more details.

Can I invest in T3NDER?

T3NDER is currently privately owned but we will be open to investment as the company and the 3D printing industry grows. Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of T3NDER’s future success.